Artisan Electrics video explains how an electric vehicle charging point is installed and all the things you need to know in order to get a quote.

Time Stamps:

  • 00:27​ What size is your main cutout fuse in Amps?
  • 05:02​ Do you have a looped service, i.e shared with neighbours?
  • 06:22​ How do you find your MPAN Number?
  • 07:20​ Do you have mains earth bonding to the gas and water?
  • 10:20​ Is there space in the existing consumer unit?
  • 12:45​ What if you have no space in the existing consumer unit?
  • 13:56​ Where do you want the charge point to be located?
  • 16:08​ What is the cable route from the consumer unit to the charge point?
  • 18:00​ What charge speed do you need?
  • 20:21​ What functions do you need with the charge point?
  • 22:45​ What brand, type, colour and finish do you want?

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