Dramatic improvements coming for Motorway charging

The Ecotricity chargers at Motorway service stations have a very poor reputation, see our page on the subject, however things are about to change! New Generation of charging hubs from Electric Highway & Gridserve As explained in an earlier video the Ecotricity charging on Motorways is to undergo a major improvement with more chargers per … Read more

Express headline scares Petrol and Diesel car owners

PETROL and diesel car owners have been warned of possible petrol stations changes which could come into effect within years. Express – May 2021 The 2030 petrol and diesel car ban could signal major changes for road infrastructure which could have massive consequences for owners of traditional models. What the Government actually said is… Sales … Read more

Supermarkets, which have chargers?

Of the supermarkets which have chargers Tesco and Asda have the largest number of supermarkets with chargers. However don’t expect the highest speed of charging. Morrisons and Sainsburys are next in the list, with Lidl, Waitrose, Co-op and Aldi following.

New Rugby Services has 12x 350 kW charge points

The site is located at MOTO’s brand-new Rugby services at Junction 1 of the M6 and offers a total of 12 ultra-fast charging stalls (350 kW each). The chargers were supplied by Tritium. It’s game-changing for Electric Highway, which entered into the EV game early, but then faded behind with old 50 kW chargers and … Read more

Sales of Electric Cars continue to rise in 2021

Electric cars now have 7.2% of the market Over the first four months of 2021 sales of Electric Cars had 7.2% of the market, up significantly from just 4.0% in the equivalent months of 2020. Total plug-in vehicle market share broadly followed the trend seen in recent months, accounting for just over one in eight … Read more

Second-hand Electric Value warning

An electric car between one and two years old is £6,000 more expensive over the same period than one with an internal combustion engine, according to the research, while a two-year-old electric car will sting buyers to the tune of £4,000. Sunday Times – Driving – April 2021 “Nearly new” used EVs work out more … Read more

Electric car development for ride-hail drivers

Electric car development for Uber ride-hail drivers in London Uber and Arrival partner to create a new Electric car London, where Arrival is based, aims for its entire transport system to be zero emission by 2050, and will create zero emissions zones in central London and town center from 2025, expanding outward to inner London by … Read more