This website is run by Business Analyst Robert Sprigge, M.Sc.

The future

Robert has always been interested in the future and learning from the past, particularly how technology disseminates into daily life.

Electric cars, the related technologies and daily realities are clearly the future and hence worthy of studying. EVs are just one of a vast number of new technologies being unleashed at this time.

Trend Monitor International

Robert learned his craft of Content Analysis whilst being Co-owner of Trend Monitor International ltd. and as part of the team producing regular reports on various industries. Trend Monitor reports had sales around the world, particularly to Universities and large organisations, such as the Royal Mail, who also obtained customised research.

Front cover of a Trend Monitor Report
138 page Trend Monitor Report

Content Analysis

Content Analysis, a Qualitative research method, is deriving intelligence from systematic collection of material and being able to Compare and Contrast it. A key feature is not taking information at face value!

Page of Trend Monitor Report References
Trend Monitor Reports frequently used over 500 references

The core content website is based on a multitude of EV driver’s personal experiences as presented on their YouTube channels, such as EVMan, with additional content from news sources and research material such as Bloomberg.


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