Can you charge electric cars at home?

Yes, as long as the charging cable does not cross a public footpath you can have a charger installed at home. See our page about installing a charger.

Charging at home will be very much cheaper than charging whilst on a journey and could even occasionally be FREE!

You could plug directly into a 13 amp socket, but a charge will take a very long time and it’s not as safe as having a dedicated charger.

The Government offers a grant to reduce the cost of buying a charger, subject to a number of conditions.

Many manufacturers will provide installation, but it may not be flexible as having the job done independently.

There are many models of charger available, the latest ones offer many options for controlling the timing and amount of charge.

There are a number of factors to take into account before ordering a charger for example, whether you want it tethered or untethered.

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