Number of Clean Air Zones expanding rapidly

England NEW CAR TAX changes impacting petrol and diesel will be introduced across various UK cities from 2022 in a bid to cut vehicle emissions, Electric cars exempt. New Clean Air Zones have already been launched in Bath and Birmingham so far in 2021 while London will expand its ULEZ from October. The cities of … Read more

Electric car Range anxiety is thing of past – 70 percent of EV drivers say range experience better than expected

Electric owners said range should not be a deterring factor for switching to electric cars. 70 percent of EV drivers said their experience with range has been better than they initially expected. They claim the technology and infrastructure is “sufficiently developed” to allow for day to day use. Electric cars now travel further than petrol … Read more

Installing electric vehicle charging at employees’ homes

Will Employees need to present evidence of the Electricity used to their Employer? Can this be done directly by their electricity supplier? One third of UK businesses that use company cars would consider installing electric charging points at employees’ homes, according to new research. Following the pandemic, firms that use company vehicles appear keen to … Read more

Electric car sales UK – May 2021

Electric cars now have 7.5% of the new sales market Electric car sales UK – Share of market increased from 6.5 to 8.4% whilst Plug-in Hybrids fell from 6.8 to 6.3%. This suggests that the increase in range availability is making Electric cars more accessible. Over the first five months of 2021 sales of Electric … Read more

Express calls for even faster car charging!

Is faster car charging really the current priority? You do not need to stand alongside the car whilst it is being charged. Most charging is carried out at or near home, whilst doing other things. Why demand faster charging when many current Electric cars can’t even take advantage of the existing 150kW rapid charging stations? … Read more

Home charging electric car wars: the battle for our pavements

Note that Government OLEZ Home charger grants are not available where cables cross public rights of way. When Chris Priest, 40, and his wife bought a [Plug-in] hybrid Volvo XC90 last December for their family of three children, the couple wanted to do the right thing for the planet. That meant keeping the car charged … Read more

Electric vehicle charging VAT rates clarified by HMRC

HMRC has clarified the tax policy concerning the Electric vehicle charging VAT rates via public charge points and at home. Today HMRC has released a VAT Brief stating that the standard rate of VAT (20%) will apply to charging electric vehicles (EVs) at public charging points. The Brief also confirms that the ‘de minimis’ provisions – which … Read more