Electric car sales up by 185.9%

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reports that 2020 was a bumper year for battery and plug-in hybrid electric cars, which together accounted for more than one in 10 registrations – up from around one in 30 in 2019. Demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) grew by 185.9% to 108,205 units, while registrations of … Read more

Are Electric cars cheaper to run than Petrol (Gas) cars?

In December 2017 the Guardian reported that “Electric cars are already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel cars in the UK, US and Japan”, and the costs have continued to fall. The lower cost is a key factor driving the rapid rise in electric car sales now underway, say the researchers. At … Read more

Electricity from Renewable sources

Octopus Energy supplies 100% green electricity to customers now, and is investing in new renewable generation. Their sister company Octopus Renewables has grown to become the largest investor of solar power in Europe, as well as growing to become a leading investor in onshore wind. They currently manage a global portfolio of renewable energy assets … Read more

Electric cars can display green number plates from 8 December

Extracts from This is Money Zero emission electric cars will be able to display green number plates – which have a green flash on one side – can be used on new and existing fully-electric cars. Drivers could benefit from local initiatives such as cheaper parking and cost-free entry into zero-emission zones where those with … Read more

Government to accelerate the rollout of chargepoints for electric vehicles in homes, streets and on motorways across England

Electric vehicles: Following extensive consultation with car manufacturers and sellers, the Prime Minister has confirmed that the UK will end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030, ten years earlier than planned. However we will allow the sale of hybrid cars and vans that can drive a significant distance with … Read more

Electric car sales doubled in October 2020

The registrations of Electric vehicles (almost) doubled in October 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, bringing them to 6.6% of the market. And sales of Pluggable Hybrids increased by 50%. SMMT New car registrations report for October 2020

Charging Multi-network payment card

A major problem with charging networks has been that each has had their own payment method. With so many there’s been a major concern about which one(s) to sign up to. However Octopus Energy has launched a multi-network card with the aim of covering many different networks to make this easier. Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice … Read more

UK EV leasing grows by 91% due to new tax incentive

UK EV lease boom The number of UK drivers opting to lease an electric vehicle has almost doubled in the first six months of 2020 since a new tax incentive was introduced, according to EV specialists Octopus Electric Vehicles. The growth in EV leasing has contributed to an increase in total EV registrations of 157% so … Read more