Many people share a communal parking area so would need to discuss the situation with the Landlord.

A Beginners guide to Electric cars

Community charging

Community charging is where those with driveways or other spaces with chargers offer use of them to local electric car drivers using a booking system.

On Street

Councils have started to place charge points on Residential Streets. There is a Government grant available to Councils for this.

Smart Street Charging scheme

The Government has launched a Smart Street Charging scheme where On Street chargers can be charged to the user in a similar way as a Home electricity tariff, such as Octopus Agile, to get the best overnight rates.

Streetlight charging

Example of street in London – 24 lampposts along 800m of Sutherland Avenue as part of 1300 in London as of March 2020. Drivers can use their own standard charging cables and connect via a mobile app that reads the QR code on every lamppost, before being billed on the basis of kWh.

Brighton provides an example of Streetlight chargers.

Pop-up street chargers

Oxford provides an example of Pop-up chargers.