Charging 2021 – Still needing Apps or RFID!

Electric Vehicle Man says: Buying fuel for your car should be simple, but isn’t, still. There are apps and RFID cards to access various networks around the UK, so I’ve created a list on which I’d get if you’re new to EVs and show you how to find chargers in your area.

EVM’s report on Apps and RFID cards – January 2021

Note: Ecotricity is having its Charging points updated with help from Gridserve. Contactless payment will be standard on the revamped locations.

Information from Government website regarding its Consultation

Making it easy to pay

Consumers should be able to charge their vehicle and pay with ease, as they would for any other service. There should be a minimum standard for payment across all chargepoints, which does not rely on the use of a smartphone. We seek views on the best way to achieve this that meets consumers’ needs and is commercially viable.

Consumers should be able to rely on their chosen payment method, whether they’re making a short or long journey. Implementing roaming across networks means consumers can access all public chargepoints with one membership card or smartphone app. As smartphone technologies advance, we want to see convergence towards fewer apps that can access thousands of chargepoints across the UK.

Using a single payment metric

Consumers should be able to understand and compare pricing offers across the UK network to select the best available price, as is currently the case for petrol and diesel vehicles.

Standardisation to a pence-per-kilowatt hour (kWh) basis will enable a simpler pricing framework for all users. Providers would still be able to offer a range of bundled services tariffs.

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