Public charging points for electric cars UK

Remember that 80% of charging is currently carried out at home

There are now 11,000 public charging locations in Car parks and Motorway service stations. The UK has 8,385 petrol stations as of 2019, down from about 18,000 in 1992 according to Wikipedia.

Places like supermarkets will often have charge points that are free to use for the duration of your stay. This service is provided as an incentive for you to visit their businesses.

Many work places provide onsite charging.

Hotels may provide charging, but you’ll need to check that they have the right socket for your vehicle.

Driving to a friend or relative’s home without a suitable charger you could use a 13A plug cable, assuming you have one, however this will likely require a cable through a window and take a long time to charge.

Planning your journey

  1. Plan your route using a tool such as A Better Route Planner (ABRP) or Zap map
  2. If there is no charger where you are visiting ensure that you have sufficient charge to make the journey to the next charging point after your visit
  3. Stop at the charging point prior to one you need in case it’s not operational
  4. Do not charge above 80 – 90% at a Rapid charger as the last 10 – 20% is much slower.

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