Charging Multi-network payment card

A major problem with charging networks has been that each has had their own payment method.

With so many there’s been a major concern about which one(s) to sign up to. However Octopus Energy has launched a multi-network card with the aim of covering many different networks to make this easier.

Octopus Energy’s Electric Juice is designed to offer a ‘one-stop shop’ solution for EV drivers, providing a standardised way of paying for charging.

The new partners, Franklin Energy LiFe, Hubsta, Alfa Power and Plug-N-Go add to Octopus Energy recent agreements with and Osprey (formerly Engenie), who joined the network earlier this year, as part of a successful Beta launch in May 2020.

Drivers of electric vehicles will now be able to pay with their Octopus Energy account across the participating charging networks, but the service is open to all drivers of electric cars, regardless of whether they are Octopus Energy customers.

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