Charging on the street: the battle for our pavements

Charging on the street

Charging on the street:When Chris Priest, 40, and his wife bought a [Plug-in] hybrid Volvo XC90 last December for their family of three children, the couple wanted to do the right thing for the planet. That meant keeping the car charged up on the street outside so they could drive it in zero-emission electric mode, rather than generate emissions by burning petrol.

He had no idea quite how much worry it would create. Priest, an IT consultant, lives in Redhill, Surrey, where the county council forbids owners of electric vehicles from trailing a power line from their home mains supply across the pavement. Legislation is piecemeal and inconsistent across the country.

Electric-car charging wars: the battle for our pavements – Sunday Times – May 2021

What you need to know before installing a Home charger.

Note that Government OLEZ Home charger grants are not available where cables cross public rights of way.

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