0 to 100%?

You often read how long a car takes to charge from 0 to 100%, however don’t assume it’s linear! It may be accurate, but not helpful. The charging rate varies over the time plugged-in.

It builds up then plateaus. After 80% it decreases in order to protect the battery.

Do you really need to exceed 80%

Unless you really need above 80% in order to get to the next convenient location to charge it’s better to stop charging at 80%. Otherwise you could be waiting a long time to get to 100%.

Planning your route

If you’re making a long journey it’s worth planning where you’ll need to charge with least inconvenience, especially whilst many chargers are still unreliable.

Information on planning your route.

Typical DC Fast charging patten
See Chargepoint’s summary of How DC Fast Charging Really Works

Battery degradation

Beware: The faster the charging the greater the battery degradation

See a video explanation

Does charging to 100% damage the battery – Nicolas Raimo

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