Driving the wheelsEnergyComments
HybridEngine100% PetrolMPG improved by a low capacity battery capturing Regenerative braking
Pluggable HybridEngine depending on constructionDual Petrol and ElectricityLow capacity battery (8 -18kWh)
Pure electric driving range is typically 30 miles
Range- extended HybridElectric MotorDual Petrol and ElectricitySmall petrol engine
Primarily Electric
Petrol is optional
ElectricElectric Motor100% ElectricSourced exclusively from Renewables or Nuclear / Gas

Please be aware that this website is purely Electric.

Hybrid cars are now often marketed as ‘Self-charging electric’, whereas they are actually 100% petrol, such advertising is not permitted in Norway as it’s considered misleading.

Range extended vehicles are rare. London style taxis are Hybrid (Range extended), they require petrol power to extend the range as the battery capacity is just 80kWh and they sometimes need to cover long journeys. The manufacturers don’t like the term Hybrid being used. The only other such Hybrid was the BMW i3 REx which is no longer available.

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