Can I use Contactless payments to pay for EV charging?

Finally, contactless payments to pay for EV charging

Paying at public chargers has been the bain of EV drivers lives until now, but very good news is on its way.

Improved chargers are now being installed

Ecotricity chargers at motorway service stations have been rated the worst until now. Gridserve has taken over and is replacing Ecotricity chargers at Motorway Service stations.

It’s taken a while…

When it comes to paying to top up your electric car, you may be faced with a bewildering series of hoops to jump through: signing up for multiple subscriptions, downloading a bunch of privacy-violating apps, ordering various RFID cards to fatten your wallet even further, can there be too many ways to pay?

As part of its Road to Zero strategy to encourage more motorists to make the switch to greener vehicles, the Department for Transport has sent a shot across the bow of chargepoint providers. It has announced that it wants to see pay-as-you-go debit or credit card payment options on all new electric vehicle charging points, both the rapid and higher-powered varieties too.

EV fast charge points to offer card payment by 2020 UK – Selectra –

Free charging

Be aware that there are also free chargers!

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