Recycled Batteries are valuable!

Those dead batteries are worth quite a lot of money. They contain elements (lithium, cobalt, and so on) that are difficult and expensive to mine, and it’s actually quite a lot easier to reclaim them from dead batteries than to mine and refine new.

Millions of electric cars are coming. What happens to all the dead batteries? – Quora – July 2021

The German company Duesenfeld recycles batteries from electric cars. The main difference: The modules are shredded where the end-of-life batteries are collected. No hazardous transports of Lithium-Ion-cells. Furthermore 96 percent of a module is recycled through a hydrometallurgical process. This includes valuable materials like graphite, electrolyte, manganese, copper, aluminum, lithium, nickel and cobalt. Using these recycled materials would reduce the carbon footprint of new lithium-ion cell by up to 40 percent.