For context most drivers do not need to use the Public networks most of the time, especially if they have Home charging.

The Best charging networks are listed below

Charging takes getting used to if you’re only used to filling up with Petrol or Diesel. Unless you’re charging at home it can be very fiddley, although things are slowly improving.

Unfortunately the charging networks are not yet as reliable as Petrol stations – See ranking below -, this can catch out drivers particularly those who normally charge at home.

The results, based on a sample of more than 1,500 Zap-Map users, show that Tesla retains its top spot as the country’s most appreciated EV charging provider. One driver commented that Tesla’s service is “the standard all networks should aspire to”.

RAC – January 2021
Ecotricity chargers, which are located across the UK's motorway network, were ranked the worst
Ecotricity chargers (Electric highway), which are located across the UK’s motorway network, were ranked the worst

Electric Highway (Ecotricity) has started to improve its provision having just received investment and expertise from Gridserve.

InstaVolt retains its second spot for the third year running. One InstaVolt fan commented that the network is “modern, super reliable, generally come in pairs and contactless payment is a huge plus”.

RAC – January 2021

Best and worst charging networks

Note that the Gridserve Electric Forecourt would come way above any listed below.

PositionEV NetworkChange
3Osprey (formerly Engenie)Significant improvement
4Pod pointOvertaken by Osprey
5Swarco E.connectn/a
6Shell RechargeOvertaken by Osprey
7ESB EV Solutionsn/a
9ChargePlace ScotlandOvertaken
Equal 10Engien/a
Equal 10IONITYn/a
13bp pulse (formerly BP Chargemaster/ Polar)Significant drop
14Source Londonn/a
15Charge Your Car (CYC)n/a
16Electric Highway (Ecotricity)n/a
Sourced from RAC – January 2021

Ranked in 2nd place for both reliability and ease of use, feedback from respondents highlight the reliability of the InstaVolt chargers and the fact that there are generally two chargers at each location providing a level of redundancy. They also delight in the simple and consistent PAYG access provided through contactless payment.

Sourced from RAC – January 2021

A total of 4,270 new charge points were added to the network in 2020, an increase of 26 per cent. And of the 20,775 plug-in points now available, 3,880 are judged to be ‘rapid’ devices, with a 37 per cent increase in installations in the last 12 months.

This is Money – February 2021

How to plan a journey requiring charging en-route. ‘A Better Route Planner’ is recommended

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