Electric car development for ride-hail drivers

Electric car development for Uber ride-hail drivers in London

Uber and Arrival partner to create a new Electric car

London, where Arrival is based, aims for its entire transport system to be zero emission by 2050, and will create zero emissions zones in central London and town center from 2025, expanding outward to inner London by 2040 and city-wide by 2050.

Tech Crunch – May 2021

Key priorities for the car include affordability, comfort and range, Uber said, as its current 70,000 UK drivers complete more than 31,000 miles annually.

Sky News – Uber signs deal with UK’s Arrival to develop ‘purpose-built’ electric car – May 2021

Arrival wants to change the way commercial electric vehicles are designed and manufactured. By designing its own batteries and other components in-house and building vehicles through multiple microfactories, which are much smaller than traditional manufacturing facilities, Arrival says it produces vehicles quicker, cheaper and with far fewer environmental costs.

Tech Crunch – May 2021

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