What happens when an Electric car has a dead battery?

Range Anxiety

When learning that the car they can afford has a much lower range than they been used for a Petrol or Diesel car many people get very concerned. However, in most cases, they won’t need as much range. Particularly where Home charging is available.

If the worst happens

As with a petrol car call up your Breakdown service, they are rapidly equipping their vans.


Different thinking is required for charging an Electric car compared to occasionally visiting a Petrol station.

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Charging is more of a ‘topping-up’ approach. This can be done in many types of location whilst doing something else.


Electric cars provide an indication of the expected number of miles remaining.

No charge left

When the charge has expired, like a Petrol or Diesel vehicle, they will come to a stop. Generally they will need to be towed to the nearest charging point, although mobile chargers are starting to appear.

If the Insurance policy does not cover this situation then Breakdown cover is needed.

Incidentally Insurance for Electric vehicles is still all over the place, with prices varying considerably and difficult to compare.

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