The Electric car charger cost can be reduced

If you can fulfil the conditions of the Government’s grant there is a discount of £350. Typically this will bring the cost down to as little as £500.

Manufacturers may offer a ‘free’ home charger as part of the car sale however, beware of the small print. One installer says that this often only covers simple installations.

For the cost of using a home charger is dependent on the Electricity supplier’s tariff, 4p per mile is typical. This compares to around 10p per mile for Petrol. There are special tariffs designed for Electric cars with a focus on midnight to 4am. Some even work on the half-hour pricing model which some chargers can manage automatically. Due to the changes in supply and demand during the day and night, this means that electricity may be free at certain times.


For information on installation we have a dedicated page.

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