Is Electric car Range anxiety a thing of the past?

Electric owners said range should not be a deterring factor for switching to electric cars. 70 percent of EV drivers said their experience with range has been better than they initially expected. They claim the technology and infrastructure is “sufficiently developed” to allow for day to day use.

Electric cars now travel further than petrol vehicles – ‘range anxiety is thing of past’ – Daily Express – June 2021

Electric car Range anxiety

New data still suggest range anxiety is one of the biggest concerns among road users and a barrier to more people making the switch.

Insufficient public charging infrastructure

A total of 56 percent of internal combustion engine drivers who are not considering an EV believe there are not enough charging points. Almost half said there was not enough public charging infrastructure in place to run an electric vehicle.

However, over a quarter of EV drivers say running out of charge was one of the biggest misconceptions of EV driving.

Unlike Petrol and Diesel driving where the driver has to hold the fuel gun for the duration, Electric cars are generally charged overnight whilst sleeping or topped up wherever convenient.

Electric cars now travel further than petrol vehicles

New research from Nissan has revealed cars are travelling around 630 clean kilometres further than traditional internal combustion engines. Owners of electric models completed an average of 14,200km every year compared to just owners of traditional cars who travel just 13,600km a year.

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