What range do I need?

Probably less than you think, particularly if you can charge at home. Electric charging is not like fuelling with Petrol or Diesel where you want to do it as rarely as possible. With charging you can top-up wherever convenient. How many thousand pounds would you pay for a few extra stops a few times per year?

The average distance driven per day is 37 miles/59.5 km, falling well within the driving range on a charge of the latest models.”

Many of the latest new electric cars can complete a range of over 200 miles(322 km) on a single charge , which means these vehicles can easily cover daily driving.

Should I charge my electric car every night? – Kia

Electric owners said range should not be a deterring factor for switching to electric cars. 70 percent of EV drivers said their experience with range has been better than they initially expected. They claim the technology and infrastructure is “sufficiently developed” to allow for day to day use.

Electric cars now travel further than petrol vehicles – ‘range anxiety is thing of past’ – Daily Express – June 2021

Unlike petrol stations there are many types of places to charge your car, from coffee shops and supermarkets to National Trust properties.

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