Electric cars and Petrol cars compared – 10 examples of Thinking Electric

AspectElectric ThinkingPetrol Thinking about Electric cars
Range RequiredAs much is needed for 80 to 90% of your journeysFewest stops at petrol stations due to inconvenience
Charging locationsAt Home and Numbers increasing rapidly already more than Petrol stationsAssuming fewer chargers than petrol stations, which have already declined
Cost of chargingAt Home is cheapest (Third or Quarter the price of Petrol)Similar at all locations
BatteriesLong lasting, longevity evolving rapidly and can be reconditioned or recycledNeed to buy a new one after 10 years
Time taken to chargeCharge whilst sleeping, shopping or drinking coffeeTime spent at pump
Amount to chargeTop up when convenient. Max 80% unless planning a long journeyFull tank every time
ServicingMinimal as many fewer moving partsVery expensive!
BrakingUses Regeneration to charge the batteryNew Brake pads needed!
HeatingRaise to preferred temperature before leaving homeCold starts
Buying a Second hand carBattery State of Health (SoC)Mileage ‘clocked-up’
Comparison of Petrol vs. Electric thinking

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Comparison of two Minis

Covers most of the costs, but misses servicing! Annual mileage and Insurance examples are rather high. Missed out the OLEV charger grant too.

Courtesy of Auto Trader