Consider how much 100 miles costs in a petrol car then look at the figures below for these 20 Electric cars. See how significant running electric car vs petrol UK is.

Owning an electric car, in this day and age, is becoming increasingly easy to justify. Aside from ever-expanding model line-ups, longer ranges, widening infrastructure and impressive performance figures, there are countless benefits – such as environmental brownie points, tax grants, and exemption from certain charges and fees. More to the point, owning an electric car can also serve up exceptionally low running costs.

How much does it cost to charge an electric car? Running costs explained – Car Magazine – August 2020

Most efficient electric cars per 100 miles

MODELCost per 100 Miles
1Hyundai IONIQ Electric£3.75
2Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus£3.78
3Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor£3.85
4Fiat 500e£3.89
5Hyundai Kona Electric£3.96
6Tesla Model 3 Long Range Performance£3.99
7Mercedes-Benz EQA£4.01
8Renault Zoe ZE50 R110£4.03
9Volkswagen ID.3 Pure£4.06
10Honda e£4.08
11Renault Twingo ZE£4.13
12Renault Zoe ZE50 R135£4.14
13SEAT el-Born£4.14
14Volkswagen ID.3 Pro£4.14
15Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor£4.15
16BMW i4£4.18
17BMW i3 120 Ah£4.18
18Kia e-Niro£4.19
19Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S£4.21
20smart EQ fortwo£4.22
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Electric car economy is often overlooked, the comparison between them and traditionally fuelled cars is an obvious one – electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. Yet it’s important to understand the differences in economy between different electric cars; choose a car that is wasteful with electricity and not only will you have to charge up more regularly, but it’ll cost you more to run, too.

Most economical electric cars – Buyacar

Electricity pricing

The cost of Electricity for Charging varies significantly depending on the category of the charger. Home charging is normally the cheapest and Motorway charging is the most expensive.

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