Q. Which Electric Cars have the longest range?

A. Available in 2020 in the UK – Over £40,000 Teslas and Porsche, under £40,000 Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia e-Nero

Q. I’m considering an Electric Car, where do I start?

A.  Consider your journey pattern first. If most journeys are local and you can charge whilst at home then a 160 Mile range will probably suffice.

Q. How long does it take to Charge an Electric Car

A. It varies according to the type of charge point and the car. Charging at home is cheaper (typically 4p per kWh) and generally carried out whilst sleeping.

Q. How long does the Battery for an Electric Car last?

A. The batteries can be expected to last longer than the car. Battery warranties are 5 to 8 years. They can be reconditioned and also reused for other purposes.

Q. How much does a Home Charger for an Electric Car cost?

A. Most Home chargers cost around £400 after the Government grant.