Electric Vehicle Charging

Petrol thinking

Courtesy of University of Strathclyde

With Petrol and Diesel vehicles fuelling is a pain, often requiring a diversion or even a special trip to a petrol station and standing whilst doing it. Whereas charging an Electric Vehicle can be carried out whilst doing something more interesting.

Many manufacturers and articles will list that it takes 5-8 hours for a full charge, but for many it only takes 15-20 minutes for an 80% charge!

Don’t assume you will be charging from zero to full, that’s Petrol thinking. You can top-up anytime, for example whilst doing the weekly shop you can leave to car to charge if your supermarket has a charger. Why not charge whilst you’re in the office all day? Any visits to a Coffee shop are potential charging times. Of course the most convenient, especially for those with a driveway, is to charge whilst sleeping.

Eighty percent of Petrol stations in the UK have closed since 1970 – see table comparing Charging locations vs. Petrol stations over that period.

Supermarket EV charge point numbers double in two years

Video: A guide to electric vehicle plug types and charging speeds

Home area

The most convenient way of charging is if you have a Driveway. A Government grant is available.

Charging an Electric Vehicle at Home

Charging near Home

Charging networks

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