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Petrol thinking

With Petrol and Diesel vehicles fuelling is a pain, often requiring a diversion or even a special trip to a petrol station and standing with the vehicle whilst doing it. Whereas Electric Vehicle Charging can be carried out whilst doing something more interesting.

Many manufacturers and articles will list that it takes 5-8 hours for a full charge but for many, it only takes 15-20 minutes for an 80% charge!

Don’t assume you will be charging from zero to full, that’s Petrol thinking. You can top-up anytime, for example, whilst doing the weekly shop you can leave the car to charge if your supermarket has a charger. Why not charge whilst you’re in the office all day? Any visits to a Coffee shop are potential charging times. Of course the most convenient, especially for those with a driveway, is to charge whilst sleeping.

Eighty percent of Petrol stations in the UK have closed since 1970 – see table comparing Charging locations vs. Petrol stations over that period.

Home area

The most convenient way of charging is if you have a Driveway. A Government grant is available.

Charging an Electric Vehicle at Home

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Charging near Home

Charging networks

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