En-route charging UK 2021 is rapidly improving thanks to Gridserve replacing Ecotricity charging points.

Petrol Ped shares his experiences

Petrol Ped takes a 250-mile journey in a car with 180-mile range in winter.

He points out that most of his journeys are local and don’t require en-route motorway charging.

As of early 2021 each network still has its own card or App, but they’re slowly changing to the Government mandated Contactless Debit / Credit card payment method.

Ecotricity currently operates most of the Motorway Service Station chargers, other than the Tesla network, and has a dreadful reputation. However Gridserve is now investing in Ecotricity and together they intend to replace all their chargers during 2021, see the Fully Charged video.

Petrol Ped found the in-car SatNav failed to correctly locate the charger.

No mention of ‘A Better Route Planner‘, though.

There was also a later experience of the reliable charger being occupied.

There are various other locations for en-route charging, for example, Coffee shops.