Non-Electric car drivers usually assume charging duration will add the same amount to journey time, forgetting that they don’t actually drive continually for four hours or more. As usual charging is normally done whilst parking, e.g. for a coffee, and there is generally no need to charge past 80% – less if heading to a home or destination charger.

Using A Better Route Planner (ABRP) to plan and what actually happened on the day of the journey.

Planning a long journey is very important. Charging to 100%, other than at home, should be minimised as going from 80% up to 100% can take a long time and degrade the battery. There are a number of variables to take into account, the temperature being a significant one. ABRP also lets you compare different Electric cars.

Mr. EV’s video on using ABRP for his Kia eNeo

Covers Alternative routes and cars, a cold start then the actual (cold) journey.

Including Pre-heating the car, using an App to see the charge state whilst waiting.

A comment to the video points out the value of setting the destination for a return trip as a way point on the whole journey.

Understanding how charging rate varies over the time plugged in

An App is valuable for seeing the current charge whilst charging.

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