Demand for even faster car charging!

Is faster car charging really the current priority? You do not need to stand alongside the car whilst it is being charged. Most charging is carried out at or near home.

Unlike Petrol stations, where the driver has to hold the fuel gun, Electric cars can be left to charge whilst the driver does other things. This could be at a supermarket, coffee shop or Tourist attraction.

Why demand faster car charging when many current Electric cars can’t even take advantage of the existing 150kW rapid charging stations?

The priority should be increasing the number and geographic distribution of charging locations with 100kW charging.

Also the more faster charging is used the greater the battery degradation.

TOP GEAR’S former Stig Perry McCarthy has called for 150kW rapid charging stations immediately to boost the take-up of electric cars.

He said charging stations able to top up cars within seconds were needed before people would “engage” in switching cars. He said the adoption would happen “even faster” if drivers were not having to wait upwards of 25 minutes to top up their batteries.

Currently, the UK’s fastest 150kW rapid charging stations can top up a car in around 30 minutes.

‘Need ultra-high fast charging!’ Perry McCarthy rages as petrol prices rise for 7th month – Daily Express – 2 June 2021

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