What are those green number plates?

Green number plates?

The plates, launched by Transport Minister Grant Shapps in December 2020 are designed to incentivise motorists to switch to pure-electric cars – but 31 per cent of the panel quizzed by the AA said they don’t know what they are.

Despite being available for six months, there is still no confirmation of a single benefit drivers displaying them will get. 

A third of motorists don’t know what green number plates mean as government’s plan to boost electric car sales falters amidst grant cuts – This is Money – June 2021
Nissan car showing Green stripe number plate

TNW says that the “UK fails to explain what the hell those green number plates are”.

Last December, the UK introduced “green plates” for EVs in an effort to raise awareness of zero-emission cars.  

Bearing a green strip down the left side, they’re easily distinguishable from the regular number plates. This means the public can identify these people as the saints of sustainable transport they are. 

At least, that’s what the government thought.

But… it turns out that the message wasn’t so well received by the drivers. A survey by the AA, that included 14,719 respondents, found that almost a third of UK motorists don’t know what the green plates mean.

Among those who gave incorrect answers, there are some hilarious misconceptions.

UK fails to explain what the hell those green number plates are – TNW – June 2021

The Department for Transport launched these plates with the aim to offer more incentives to current and prospective EV drivers. These would include access to bus lanes, free entry into zero-emissions zones, and cheaper parking.

Guess how many of these proposed benefits currently exist? Yep, none

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