How cheaply can British drivers travel?

If you want to know how cheaply can BRITISH drivers travel in their cars the answer is for just one penny a mile for the first time since the early 1970s according to a newspaper article just published.

This publicity from EDF assumes drivers can charge at home and are OK with energy from Nuclear power plants.


If you have a driveway read on, otherwise check out this page. There is also free charging at some Supermarkets, Coffee shops and many Attractions such as the National Trust.

EDF Energy’s new electric tariff offers a charging rate of 4.5p/ kwh which is equivalent to 1.3pence per mile. Experts say this is the first time drivers can travel in the UK for just a penny a mile since 1972 when petrol costs were just 35p per gallon.

British drivers can travel for just 1p a mile for the first time since 1972 – Daily Express – June 2021

The new go Electric 35 Tariff also allows drives to fully charge their electric car for less than a fiver.

EDF said a survey from them shows the majority of drivers still believe it costs around 34p per mile to drive an electric car.

Meanwhile, only a quarter of those surveyed were aware they could save money in the long run by switching to an electric car.

Over a third were not aware it was cheaper to fully charge an electric vehicle than to fill up a petrol or diesel tank with fuel.

Renewable energy

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The low prices for electric vehicle owners come after a horrifying week for those with a petrol and diesel model.

According to the RAC Foundation, British drivers have been hit with the biggest fuel increase for a decade.

They said the average cost of petrol has risen by up to 22p a litre over the past 12 months exceeding the previous high of 18p in 2019.

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