How Much Does Installing a Home charger Cost?

The average cost for getting a home charging unit installed is around £800. But there are cheaper options. 

If you go for a charger with less power, you’ll find a 3kW unit will probably cost you between £250 and £500. The more powerful 7kW chargers tend to be between £450 and £8002 – and if you’re ready to splash out, super speedy chargers can go up to £1,500 and more. 

That might sound like a lot, but don’t worry: there are government grants to help you cover the cost. 

OVO Energy


Unfortunately an installation which may appear simple to the customer may not be from an installer’s perspective.

Equipment location

Even though the proposed location of the charger appears straightforward the point of connection to the existing wiring may dictate a circuitous cabling route. This can increase the time and hence the cost significantly.

Electricity Supply and Demand

For some homes the existing Supply and potential Demand do not leave sufficient capacity to install an EV Charger without an upgrade.

This is an interesting example of potential problems revealed in detail by Artisan Electrics

Government grant

The Government offers a Home charger grant with a number of conditions, a significant but less mentioned one being that the cable from charger to vehicle must not cross a public footpath.

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