Electric vehicles impact on Electricity Grid

Electric Vehicles are not considered to be a problem by National Grid, in fact some nights those charging are actually paid to take the electricity from the grid, known as Negative pricing. This situation occurs when Wind Turbines produce too much electricity. It costs the Grid less to pay the consumer to use the power than to cut-off the Wind Turbine. Pricing is much cheaper during the early hours of the morning for those on half-hour tariffs.

Local distribution networks will need to be modernised, Smart chargers are a part of this modernisation.

Vehicle to Grid (V2G) would be of significant value to the Grid, particularly a fleet of lorries or buses garaged overnight.

Octopus Electric Vehicles are researching V2G in practice with its Powerloop programme, providing a package with all necessary equipment, a car to work with it and electricity from Octopus Energy.

Fully Charged – June 2020

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