Internet over domestic power may interfere with Electric car Charging

ISP Preview website reports that “Powerline Based WiFi Extenders May Disrupt MG ZS EV Car Charging”. It seems that the MG ZS EV may be particularly impacted.

The problem appears to occur with all sorts of different smart Wall Chargers (OHME, Rolec etc.), as well as so-called ‘granny cables‘ (i.e. plugging your car in via a normal 3-pin UK power socket). Likewise, it’s been triggered by various different Powerline adapters from companies such as NETGEARTP-Link and the Solwise AV2 etc. In all cases, unplugging the adapters solved the charging problem.

ISP Review – 8 December 2020

ISP Review reports

Quoting several complaints…

The one good piece of news is that, so far, the bulk of this issue only appears to impact owners of the MG ZS EV (granted that’s not such good news if you have the MG!). We did see some talk elsewhere about it potentially causing problems for other EVs, but not enough to make us comfortable with name dropping any particular brands (feel free to comment below if you’ve spotted a similar issue).

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