Is it cheaper to charge an electric car at home?

It is certainly cheaper to charge an electric car at home

If you are able to charge your electric car at home you can typically cost £5 – £7 to charge it. However, you can significantly reduce the cost by getting an appropriate tariff from your supplier. See below.

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Not surprisingly Rapid charging on a motorway can be expected to the most expensive, but does that really matter if it’s a rare event for you?

However, there are a number of places where charging is free. This includes most supermarkets and visitor attractions.

Octopus offers several tariffs designed for Electric cars, as do several other suppliers. Octopus uses electricity from renewable sources.

Join Octopus Energy as a new customer and receive a £50 discount for joining any Octopus tariff including the ones designed for Home charging. Also, have them donate £50 to keep this site running, please click through to the Octopus site.

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