Can MOT tests cope with electric cars?

Will MOT tests cope with electric cars? Unfortunately they are unprepared for a surge in electric car sales, with some centres “unable to cope” if demand suddenly soared.

Jonathan Barbera, Managing Director of Parkers MOT garages do not have enough qualified staff or the right technology to work on electric vehicles. He warned “hundreds” of garages did not have access to a single electric vehicle technician meaning EV owners could not visit them for repair work.

MOT garages ‘unprepared’ for electric cars – drivers may need to wait ‘weeks’ for checks – Daily Express – June 2021

Mr Barbera stressed many EV owners would need to get their car checked at main dealerships.

He warned this would push vital repair work back by “weeks and weeks” as work could not be spread across many different garages.

Although he said electric cars are “amazing” from an environmental perspective, he has fears over how the new technology could impact drivers and the sector.

“The equipment to work on these vehicles costs a lot, the training costs a lot.

The same problems will apply to servicing Electric cars.

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