Number of Clean Air Zones expanding rapidly


NEW CAR TAX changes impacting petrol and diesel will be introduced across various UK cities from 2022 in a bid to cut vehicle emissions, Electric cars exempt.

New Clean Air Zones have already been launched in Bath and Birmingham so far in 2021 while London will expand its ULEZ from October. The cities of Bristol, Portsmouth, Newcastle and Oxford all look set to launch new schemes by the end of this year but many cities are waiting for 2022 to launch tier projects.

New car tax changes: Drivers in these UK regions to face major new charges from 2022 – Daily Express – June 2021

Many of the schemes will target older petrol and diesel drivers with fees of up to £60 for using the roads.


The new charge which will cover much of the city centre is expected to launch on 5 January 2022.


Plans are being drawn up to introduce a series of major Clean Air Zones across some of Scotland’s major cities next year.

Cities affected include Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow with car drivers set to be issued heavy fees.