The new future of charging – a FASTNED Rapid charging station reviewed

This practical review of one of the first FASTNED Rapid charging stations in the UK, it also covers ‘A Better Route planner’ and the Fiat 500e

Mr. EV ensures a low level of charge before setting off to do his FASTNED review

The FASTNED Rapid charging station

Although widely available in the EU there are not yet many Fastned Rapid charging stations in the UK.

Excellent information about the charging in progress is available on both the App and the Charger.

Payment methods

This is via their App, although Contactless payments are expected by November 2021.

You can charge without registering by scanning the QR code on the charging screen.

Autocharge is also available. Almost all cars that use a CCS connector to fast charge can make use of Autocharge. These cars can start a charge session without using an app or EV charge card after activating Autocharge. Just plug in and your session will start. List of car models not included.

See our Autocharge page for more information.

Plug types

CHAdeMO is offered in addition to the current standard of CCS.

There is no AC power available, which will disappoint Zoe drivers.

Electricity source

100% Renewable.


C Bromley says: The advice about running your battery charge down to receive good charging speed, is spot on.

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