Readying EV breakdown service with 20% of RAC vans carrying them by 2022

With the rapid increase of Electric vehicles on the roads the breakdown companies need to be as prepared for empty EV batteries as they are for petrol cars running out of fuel.

The RAC is working to install emergency electric vehicle (EV) charging units in a fifth of its patrol vans by the end of next year. RAC EV Boost was launched as a 3.5kW charger in April 2019. Now with two years of use in the field, the RAC and Original ADS have succeeded in producing a new 5kW unit capable of faster charging, speeding up the time it takes to revive a flat – or seriously depleted – EV at the roadside.

RAC to equip a fifth of its fleet with EV chargers by 2022 – Fleet news – May 2021

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