How much range is needed for an Electric car? You need to think differently about what range you need for an Electric car, it’s not about time at a petrol station – that’s Petrol thinking. Electric vehicles can be left charging whilst you’re doing something else.

Manufacturers are very aware that few people have switched to Petrol thinking so they, and the Charging networks, unintentionally, (excluding Home charging) are reinforcing the idea that charging is a pain. Indeed Hybrid vehicles are currently being advertised as no plug-in required!

See this July 2020 article in Forbes magazine.

Will this be the primary vehicle for the household?

How often does your daily mileage exceed 100 miles?

How far would you drive without stopping?

How many thousand pounds would you pay for a few extra stops a few times per year?

Hours drivingMiles driven Typical Car PriceAdditional cost
Data from Electric Vehicle Database. Average mileage driven in the time – Calculation courtesy of EVM
EVM explains how far drivers really travel without stopping