Rapid Battery swapping has been considered viable for a number of years but, so far, only exists in China. Here is yet another western country giving it a try.

San Francisco-based Ample has brought electric vehicle battery swapping to the U.S. The company was in stealth mode for seven years before launching recently with five swapping stations in the Bay Area. Uber drivers in the area are Ample’s first customers.

Can EV Battery Swapping Take Off In The U.S.? – CNBC – May 2021

The concept isn’t new. A start-up called Better Place launched an EV and battery swapping company after it raised $850 million in venture funding, but it ultimately went bankrupt in 2013. Tesla also demoed battery swapping in 2013 but only opened one station for about a year.

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Battery swapping only makes sense for fleet vehicles.


In the Netherlands a battery swapping station costs 3 million euro.

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