All Hybrid and Electric cars are Self-Charging, but Hybrid are only fuelled from Petrol. Pluggable Hybrid are dual fuelled. Electric cars are, as the name implies, completely Electric.

Regenerative braking function

The ‘Self-charging’ refers to the Regenerative braking function which captures energy from ‘braking’, slowing down in reality, which is used by all Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

Lexus terminology

Lexus, part of Toyota, is using the term to promote their Hybrids saying that they save the effort of plugging in. Lexus / Toyota decided to focus on Hydrogen rather than producing Electric cars and have now been overtaken by other manufacturers. ‘Self-charging’ has been banned in Norway as misleading.

The advert states ‘Two-sources’ of power, however Petrol is the only source. The electricity is derived from the petrol as with all Hybrid cars.

Limited range

Given that Hybrids only charge from offer Regenerative braking they can only travel very short distances on electricity and miss out on all the benefits of Electric cars.

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