Do you have a driveway?

Electric cars are best charged at home for convenience and cheap running costs. When charging overnight the duration is rarely of any consequence.

Some councils are developing on-street charging. Communal parking areas may also have chargers. With the range now available from Electric cars, a weekly charge may well be sufficient for many drivers.

Some Electric car users, without access to any of these options, use a charger a bit further away, but only as and when necessary.

What’s your regular usage?

You don’t need the range that your current petrol or diesel car has if most of your journeys are under 100 miles in a day and you can charge at home. For the occasional longer journeys you can find and use chargers en-route or at the destination if they have them.

Would this be a second car for the household?

Typically a second car in a household does not travel as far and hence and electric car, with a lower range than a petrol or diesel, could be highly suitable.

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