Top 5 Things to know Before Buying A Tesla Model 3

Tesla Torque shares his personal experiences after 18 months of ownership

Things to know Before Buying A Tesla Model 3

Although most of the points are generic to Electric cars, however note that Tesla has its own charging network.

Impact of winter

Running costs double in winter, the battery is directly impacted and the use of the heater also impacts the battery. Electric cars can generally be pre-heated before driving off from a charger, e.g. at home.

Leaving the car unused

Leaving the car unused reduces the battery charge one percent per day, some call this “Phantom drain”.

Charge little and often

Unlike Petrol and Diesel cars where you want to visit the petrol station as rarely as possible the advice here is to Charge little and often. In fact Tesla Torque recommends charging whenever possible.

Electricity tariffs designed for Electric Vehicles

Note that the need for a Smart meter, essential for the dynamic tariffs, can take a while to get installed. It could be months rather than weeks.

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Actual range is not what you’re expecting

The advertised range assumes you have the car charged to 100% and drive until it gets to 0%. However this is the worst thing you can do! Recommended to 80% down to not lower than 20%. This provides a more realistic range.

The sixth of the five tips…

Read the manual, preferably including once before collecting the car. An Electric car is very different from a Petrol and Diesel car. A number of vital paragraphs are shown in Tesla Torque‘s video.

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