Firstly, for most Electric car drivers, en-route charging may not often be needed. Most of the time Home charging will be quite sufficient.

There is mention in the following video about CCS being the standard plug type, whereas this Zoe has the old Type 2. Although CCS incorporates the electrical features of Type 2 the physical connector is completely different. Another format, CHAdaMO, is also being phased out in the UK and Europe.

There are a number of charging locations that only offer Type 2, others that offer CCS but not Type 2 and some with CCS, Type 2 and CHAdaMO. Tesla have their own, separate network.

Real experience in 2020

Unless you make regular long journeys to the same destination, you are likely to be looking for a charge point in an unfamiliar area. Always have at least a second choice available.

You will require an App for each network. However, this is changing.

Example of planning a long journey.

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