Electric cars sales are growing faster than public charger growth.

Britain needs to develop as many as 12,000 new public fast chargers per year in order to maintain a viable ratio of charge points to cars. London-based consultancy Capital Economics has said Britain will need as many as 25m charging points by 2050 in order to service the country’s fleet.

UK public charging network not growing fast enough to meet demand – The Telegraph – February 2021
The DfT maps show the huge rise in EV charger installations across the UK since 2015, though experts warn it needs to accelerate much faster
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Ultra-rapid charge points are proving popular with usage increasing five-fold over the past year, according to a new report from Zap-Map.

Charge point network ‘not growing fast enough – Fleet News – February 2021

Quality of service

Unfortunately the charging networks vary significantly in quality – see Best charging networks for a list ordered by quality. Reliability is a major concern, as is the need for a supplier’s card, although things are starting to improve.

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