Understanding confusing Electric vehicle terminology

There are a lot of new words to learn, including some that are deliberately devised to confuse you!

An Electric car is powered exclusively from the battery which is charged at home or many other locations.

Self-charging is actually impossible! It’s just a Hybrid, i.e. running on petrol, but the wheels are driven by a motor. The battery is charged using Regenerative braking.

A Plug-in Hybrid is a Hybrid, which can be charged as an alternative to petrol. Electricity for local usage but Petrol to save charging on long journeys.

Regenerative braking, as used by all Electric cars, charges the battery instead of wearing down the brake pads.

BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle – American term for Electric Vehicle as, confusingly, they often call Hybrid’s Electric Vehicles too.

ICE – Internal Combustion Engine, i.e. Petrol or Diesel.

EVSE – American term for Charge point