What is Autocharge? It is a new payment system already used by FASTNED and expected to be introduced by Gridserve in late 2021.

The objective is to make payment for public chargers much easier, an approach which Tesla has pioneered.

What is Autocharge? Demonstration on YouTube.
Mr. EV using Autocharge for the first time

So, what is Autocharge?

The standards-based Autocharge feature enables automatic authorization for EV charging sessions, offering drivers an easy ‘plug in and walk away’ user experience. Autocharge enables a charge session to be automatically started after a driver connects his or her vehicle to the charger without requiring the use of an RFiD card, payment card or mobile app.

The charger will automatically recognize the vehicle based on its unique vehicle identifier (EV-ID), allowing simpler, faster and more secure user interaction. 

ABB, Fastned support Autocharge automatic authorization for charging sessions – Green Car Congress

The user sets up their preferred payment method on the App. This will then be used on a visit to an Autocharge charger.

Using CCS plugs

Almost all cars that use a CCS connector to fast charge can make use of Autocharge.  List of car models not included.


See Mr. EV demonstrating FASTNED, setting up and using Autocharge.

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