Electric car where do I start? Consider your journeys first

Most people travel locally most of the time, that is within 30 miles. 80 or 90% of journeys are local.

A 180 mile range Electric car, or possibly even less, should suffice for most people. Why pay more? You’re very unlikely to need a comparable range to that of a petrol or diesel car, as most recharging will be done at home.

Would it be a second car for shorter journeys? In which case a second hand (used) vehicle is worth considering, although these would have a lower range, one could work out as better value for your needs.

For these journeys home charging, if practical, will suffice. On street charging is being installed in some areas too.

If you make frequent long journeys from home then you should probably aim for a range of around 260 miles. You’ll need to stop anyway, so you can charge whilst having a coffee.

Specific long routes

If you have a particular long route then check the charging points along the way. You can use Google maps for this.

Charging at a friend or relatives house

Although it’s common to be provided with a 13A plug for use at a friend or relatives house charging will take a long time and, unless they have an external socket, will usually necessitate a cable through a window. And until you have your own home charger, or one nearby, you’ll be in the same situation. Incidentally Insurance for Electric vehicles is still all over the place, with prices varying considerably and difficult to compare.

Destination charging

For example a Supermarket or the National Trust.

You’ll need to check the Plug type and availability.

Plug types

There are currently three different types of plug dependent on which model of car you purchase.

Home charging is key!

To get the best from an Electric car you’ll need to either charge it at home or nearby.

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