If you’re asking “When will the range of Electric cars reach that of petrol or diesel cars?”

It’s a good question, but for most people, the wrong one.

Electric car buyers can easily spend more on greater range than they really need by failing to understand that they are still thinking in Petrol mode. Electric vehicles operate very differently. You’re not usually needing to charge to the max, but rather just Topping-up.

  • Given that most journeys for most drivers are short ones, there is rarely a need to charge to the max
  • Unlike fuelling a petrol or diesel car there is no need to stay by the car when charging, sleeping is the preferred alternative
  • There are already more charging locations than petrol stations

Whilst Charging you could be…

  • Asleep with Home or Hotel charging
  • Doing the weekly shop at a Supermarket
  • Having a Coffee at a Motorway Service station
  • Enjoying an afternoon visiting a National Trust site

Here is another example of failing to understand the impact in a change of energy supply.

In London Hackney Carriages have to carry a bale of hay everywhere they go – something that was enshrined in law in section 51 of the London Hackney Carriage Act 1831.

The reason why London black cab drivers carry a bale of hay everywhere they go

This law was only repealed in 1976!

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