World EV day – Government announcements

  • £12 million in funding announced to propel groundbreaking electric vehicle research projects on first World EV Day
  • future government plans could see green-coloured parking spaces, charge points at popular destinations and dedicated EV sites for buying and selling cars
  • Highways England to provide local authorities with £9.3 million in funding to encourage businesses to switch to electric vans

Parking spaces painted green, charge points at supermarkets and popular tourist sites, and batteries that could charge in 6 minutes could all form part of the government’s ambitious plans to accelerate electric vehicle uptake, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced today on World EV Day (9 September 2020).

These include charge points installed at popular destinations such as supermarkets and tourist sites, consistent and clear public signage for drivers on UK roads, or guidance to local authorities on painting EV parking spaces green.

A £9.3 million scheme launched by Highways England will allow businesses to try electric vehicles for free before they buy. The initiative is designed to encourage drivers to shift to cleaner, lower-carbon vehicles and will see local authorities encouraging businesses with diesel van fleets to make the switch to electric.

Businesses will be offered a free trial of electric vehicles for 2 months, following a successful launch with Leeds City Council earlier in the year.

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