What are those green number plates?

The plates, launched by Transport Minister Grant Shapps in December are designed to incentivise motorists to switch to pure-electric cars – but 31 per cent of the panel quizzed by the AA said they don’t know what they are. Despite being available for six months, there is still no confirmation of a single benefit drivers … Read more

How cheaply can British drivers travel?

If you want to know how cheaply can BRITISH drivers travel in their cars the answer is for just one penny a mile for the first time since the early 1970s according to a newspaper article just published. This publicity from EDF assumes drivers can charge at home and are OK with energy from Nuclear … Read more

Can MOT tests cope with electric cars?

Will MOT tests cope with electric cars? Unfortunately they are unprepared for a surge in electric car sales, with some centres “unable to cope” if demand suddenly soared. Jonathan Barbera, Managing Director of Parkers MOT garages do not have enough qualified staff or the right technology to work on electric vehicles. He warned “hundreds” of garages … Read more

Top 5 Things to know Before Buying A Tesla Model 3

Things to know Before Buying A Tesla Model 3 Although most of the points are generic to Electric cars, however note that Tesla has its own charging network. Impact of winter Running costs double in winter, the battery is directly impacted and the use of the heater also impacts the battery. Electric cars can generally … Read more

Can I use Contactless payments to pay for EV charging?

Finally, contactless payments to pay for EV charging Paying at public chargers has been the bain of EV drivers lives, but better news is on its way. For example Gridserve is replacing Ecotricity chargers at Motorway Service stations. When it comes to paying to top up your electric car, you may be faced with a bewildering … Read more

Which is cheaper cost of Rapid charging or Petrol?

Different providers charge very different prices for Electricity, most are significantly cheaper than Petrol. However that’s only a small part of the story… See the video below for the figures. However the cost of petrol and diesel has increase significantly since EVM produced it. Note that for most drivers Rapid charging will constitute a very … Read more

How many Clean Air Zones are there now?

England NEW CAR TAX changes impacting petrol and diesel will be introduced across various UK cities from 2022 in a bid to cut vehicle emissions. Exemption One way to be exempt is to use an Electric car. For local journeys a Used car may be worth considering. Here is our Beginners guide to Electric cars. … Read more

Is Electric car Range anxiety a thing of the past?

Electric owners said range should not be a deterring factor for switching to electric cars. 70 percent of EV drivers said their experience with range has been better than they initially expected. They claim the technology and infrastructure is “sufficiently developed” to allow for day to day use. Electric cars now travel further than petrol … Read more

Installing electric vehicle charging at employees’ homes

Will Employees need to present evidence of the Electricity used to their Employer? Can this be done directly by their electricity supplier? One third of UK businesses that use company cars would consider installing electric charging points at employees’ homes, according to new research. Following the pandemic, firms that use company vehicles appear keen to … Read more

Electric car sales UK – May 2021

Electric cars now have 7.5% of the new sales market Electric car sales UK – Share of market increased from 6.5 to 8.4% whilst Plug-in Hybrids fell from 6.8 to 6.3%. This suggests that the increase in range availability is making Electric cars more accessible. Over the first five months of 2021 sales of Electric … Read more